Sunday Song

MrSteJ – our duty to the party

I am sharing the video this time because its simplicity is very deep and touching. The song is from an album called Victory Gin released in September 2020. The album was inspired by George Orwell’s 1984. Ste wrote a blog about the inspiration and the ideas for this release. Read here:

The more often I listen to this album, the more intense it gets. That’s something I really like, as not many projects have that ability.

Signed and numbered Cassette of Victory Gin (came with a badge, a bookmark, and a pack of Haribo)

MrSteJ is a musician from Liverpool who shares his knowledge about being a diy-musician on his YouTube channel. He is also on Patreon and manages a discord channel – the channel I mentioned before on numerous occasions. The first time I noticed MrSteJ was when someone shared his band Wired to Follow on Twitter, many years ago, probably around 2014 or so. I followed him, he followed me. Never a big deal. I became a Patreon a while later, something I never regretted. I believe firmly that we should support the art we like.


I suffered from a huge migraine this weekend. It started yesterday in the afternoon, and only now the headaches are easing up. I never felt so sick in my life. I did not have many migraines since I had acupuncture for it last February. But this one was – wow. Shivers, vomiting, headaches, tiredness, and very troubled sleep with vivid dreams. I did not eat since Saturday’s lunch and only drank a little tea. But, I am on the mend.

Goodnight, dear friends. Enjoy the music.

Sunday Scribblings #38 – art

Written with Aaron’s weekly prompt in mind.

I wonder, am I allowed to call my scribblings art? My poetry and writings, are they art, or is that the wrong label for them? Last week I had a chat with a musician who was insistent that everyone who creates something is an artist in their own right and that we should claim that label for us again.

This is my latest piece of micro poetry as posted on my Instagram account

In my mind, I am not an artist. Musicians, photographers, painters, other writers… They are all artists, but not me. In my mind, there is a voice telling me that I am not good enough and that I am wasting time and space.

I feel as if I am pretending most of the time – which I am not, though. What you see is what you get; the only thing that is different in my daily life is that I am more open online and less timid. I am an introvert, after all.

I bet you don’t know what this is…

What I do know, though, is that art inspires art. And if I follow MrSteJ‘s words, then I am allowed to call myself an artist too. And if I continue with that train of thought, then I should admit that yes, my writing is always inspired by music, photography, or even the poetry of someone else.

Maybe, art is what we allow to be art? Maybe everything is art. Just like everything is energy.

I guess I need to think about this some more.


A lot of my micro poetry is happening in IG these days. Most is not all that good, but enough to bring some exposure. The ones I feel are the ones I share here too.

Find me in Instagram and follow me for music and poetry…. More or less the same as here, but different.

Friday Song

Passenger – sword from the stone

A single released in 2021. Passenger is a British singer/songwriter. Michael Rosenberg kept the name of his 2009 dissolved band and toured the world, either as a busker or as support act for Ed Sheeran an the likes. He received many awards for his albums and songs – Let her go in particular. Live, he was quite charismatic and really talented; the only thing I found off-putting was how bad he talked about himself. There was absolutely no need for that, and it killed the mood.

Lots of love to all… The mood is still a good one – I could hug everyone.


That dream again. I am at work sitting on the floor with the babies, playing. My phone rings. I often don’t take your calls; you know that. But this time, I am in a good mood. I just want to tell you to call later. I take the call while I walk outside of our little space. But it is not your voice that’s asking for me. It is your brother. I am confused at first, trying to understand how and why he is calling when you always said that I am your best-kept secret. “He passed away,” your brother says, and I nod as if he was seeing me. “We will issue a statement today, but I thought you should know. He talked about you. He loved you.” I nod again, say thank you, and drop my phone. It just slides out of my hand. I drop to my knees too. There is no sound. No strength, just tears and an unbearable pain that breaks my heart. My colleagues are concerned; they don’t know my emotional side, not like this. And I can’t speak. I just whisper your name. I wake up with a racing heart. There is no missed call. There is no statement on Facebook or any other social media. I take a deep breath and realise that I miss you. A lot. I am not ready to lose you.

Thursday Song

Yodelice – fade away

From the album “Square Eyes” (2013)

Yodelice was born Maxim Nucci and is a French singer/songwriter. He had a couple of hits here in Europe.

The above (second song) is called Sunday with a Flu and appears on the album “Tree of Life” 2009, it was the biggest hit of this artist.

Third song: talk to me

This one is my favourite if this artist. 💜❤💜❤

I met my father and sister tonight for the first time since October last year. There were hugs, lots of drinks, and seafood. It was an amazing evening. Good night. 😘


Every day we learn, we forgive, and we grow.
Following my own footsteps makes more sense than chasing after a ghost.
Bad days are plenty, but it is all in my head.
Music makes everything better, always.  Music and memories go hand in hand.
Even when I don’t expect anything, I expect things. I give a fuck, and I care.
Many words are never read, and many sentences are never said. But A tight hug is able to put pieces together that were falling apart.
Everything happens for a reason. No regrets.
There is a smile left in my back pocket.

Wednesday Song 2

Sam Fender – play God

From the album “Hypersonic Missiles” (2019)

I just heard this song for the first time – saw the clip in a music TV channel (deluxe music – German channel…)

I love it. The song, the lyrics.

And please… Do not worry… 2 songs a day will not become a thing… But, I am listening to lots of music and I am not writing a lot. My words feel empty and old.


Wednesday Song

Bon Jovi – something for the pain

From the album “These Days” (1995)

Up until that record I like Bon Jovi, after that, they became a bit more irrelevant for me. My sister was the biggest fan ever. And… I think I mentioned it before, I saw Bon Jovi in 1996. I was 13 years old and I went with my sister (then 16) and her best friend. I have fond memories.

Today, I still listen to 80s Bon Jovi and the album “Keep the Faith” gets an occasional spin too. It’s just one of those memories, I guess.

I chose the above song merely for its title… My arm and shoulder hurt again today.

Have a good evening… 😘

Tuesday Song 2

Duncan Reed – the circle grows

From the album that will be released for preorder on February 5th “the road part 1″. I got an early copy because I took part in a crowdfunding campaign for the album. I received it today. Very mellow and slow album. The song ‘the circle grows” is the one that caught me off guard on first listen.

I am listening to this as I am writing and yes, it still sounds like a solid release.

Read you tomorrow