Thursday Song

The Howl & the Hum – hostages

From the album “Human Contact”. My song and album of the year. This post is dedicated to Jeff. He writes one of the best music blogs out there, with lots of research and dedication. Every week, Jeff publishes a list of songs; I’ve heard many good new songs from him.

You should give his blog a follow if you are into music.

With this song, I’ll conclude this month’s daily posts. Posting daily is often a challenge, I admit. But I like it nonetheless.

Lots of love,


2 thoughts on “Thursday Song

  1. Wow, Cathy, how kind of you to dedicate this post to me. I’m genuinely touched! It’s a beautiful song. I had not heard it, nor was I familiar with the band, but now listening to their album and I’m really liking their music.

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    1. You are very welcome, Jeff. I appreciate your love and dedication and passion for music so so much. And even though I cannot put it on words as well as you do, I am so very happy to have met a like-minded person. xx

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