Saturday Song

Eminem (feat Ed Sheeran) – River

I am not lying when I say that I find favourite songs in every genre. I like Eminem; his music and the person he is.

Be honest… You did not expect an Eminem song here, did you?

Did you have nice days? It was a bit lonely here, considering that we usually spend Christmas day and Boxing day with family. Yeah, I know, I am not a family person and after gatherings like that, I need a week to reload my batteries, but something was missing this year.

In our house, we invested in technology this year. The kids got a laptop, a tablet, SSD card… their dad got a new power tool, and I received a new phone – so excuse glitches in the following days. I upgraded from a Moto g6 to a Moto g9 plus.

Now, this was not a usual year, we don’t spend that kind of money on the kids every year, we don’t have the funds. But the kids need this stuff for homeschooling – and let’s be honest, they are awesome, they deserved to be spoiled.

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