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Welcome to this blog on this Thursday. But wait! It is not an ordinary Thursday. It is Christmas Eve. And because of that special day, I want to take the opportunity to remind you of…

…the books I’ve published.


Unquiet Minds saw the light of day in July of 2018. It had moderate success, and I am out of copies (but can order new ones if there is a demand). This is the poetry collection that I sent out all over the globe. From Australia to Brazil, from South Africa to Sweden. There are many copies in different countries.


Drowning in a Sea of Voices was born in December 2019. It was harder to put this collection together because I was still in love with the first one. The quality of the poems is good, though. And that cover art? It is beautiful. If I only knew the model! (Hint: it is me)


Heart of Stone was published in July 2020. It took me years to gather the courage and the knowledge to finish this book. It was not the first full-length novel I wrote, but the first one that deserved to be made into a paperback book. When I first held my novel in my hands, it was magical. But for all the pride I felt, I also felt some shame. I cannot really say why, but it was the most uncomfortable to share with my acquaintances and family. But man… I am very proud of that book. It is well-written and a decent length too.


A Life in Frames was released last week, although ebook pre-orders will only be fulfilled in January. I hoped to generate some interest in my collection of short stories, alas… There was no interest at all. I am a bit crushed, I must say… But everything is alright. It is out there, and its time will come eventually.

Did you read any of my books? Do you have a favourite? Maybe a favourite poem? How do you like the artwork/cover work for each?

All 4 of these books can be ordered on this blog. There are PayPal links at the end of the page. Or you can visit your preferred Amazon shop – you should find my books there too. As paperbacks and ebooks.

I am not sure what the next year will bring and how creative I will be, but I am sure that you will see and hear (!) a lot more from me.

Happy Thursday.

Wait up!

That was not all… I will be back later with a song of the day. And now… Go and have a fabulous day. It’s an order. (More like a suggestion… I don’t like giving orders; but you know… Just do it!)

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  1. I thoroughly enjoyed “Heart of Stone”, and as I’d mentioned to you previously, I’m impressed at how well you captured the essence of two closeted gay men and their abrupt coming out, as well as their emotions as they resist, then gradually give in, to their strong feelings toward each other as they fall in love.

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