Monday Song

Iron Maiden – Wasted Years

From the album “Somewhere in Time” (1986)

To be honest, this is the only album I know of this band, and I like this song because of a couple of cover versions… I do like the lyrics. It is relatable that a touring artist gets lonely. The lyrics are in their meaning similar to Bob Seger’s “Turn the Page”

Today is this blog’s 8th anniversary. 🎂 🕯️ 🎈

2 thoughts on “Monday Song

  1. Happy blog anniversary! I could not name one song by Iron Maiden, though I kind of like this one now that I give it a listen. I didn’t care fo much hard rock back in the 70s and 80s, as I was more into disco and softer-rock bands like Fleetwood Mac, Kansas, Journey, Boston, etc.

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    1. Thank you. I am writing a post about the anniversary right now – including some yearly stats. I do that once a year 🙂

      I like Fleetwood Mac. The other bands you mentioned: I only know their commercial hits, the ones that are still played on the radio.

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