Pre-order “A Life in Frames”

As of today, you can pre-order your paperback copy of “A Life in Frames” using the PayPal option on this site. You can find it either on the right side of the blog or by scrolling to the end of the page. Every pre-order will come with a little handwritten note and will be signed too. No additional costs are hidden; the price as you see it on this site includes shipping and handling worldwide.

Price list: $18



Ships on or around January 10th 2021

If you prefer ebooks and read on a Kindle, you can also pre-order “A Life in Frames” here: (or using your preferred site – all my books are available worldwide)

If you pre-order now, “A Life in Frames” will automatically be added to your collection on January 1st, 2021.

As with every cover of my books, I took the picture and designed the cover.

What is “A Life in Frames” about? Well, it is an anthology of different short stories and scenes that were written over the last eight years. Some might be familiar because they were a part of this blog in their unedited form. Now, for the first time ever, they are collected in one volume. It is the perfect book if you would like to get acquainted with my writing a little more or if you like short stories and scenes from a life in motion.

The human mind is layered, and I like to dive in and dissect it. The anthology contains stories about love and romance, death and suicide, and everything in between. There is explicit content in the book, too—lots of it. Every facet of my creative mind can be found in “A Life in Frames”.

Please celebrate “Pre-Order” day with me.

You can also use the following link for each and any purchase on this blog. Just remember to add which book you want and verify that your name and address are displayed correctly. Thank you in advance for your generosity and your support.


2 Replies to “Pre-order “A Life in Frames””

    1. Well, it is easiest to scroll all the way down the main page of the blog. There you find my four releases, each with a PayPal button. If you use it, I will receive a notification with the details I need, and then, in mid-January, I will send out your copy. I am signed with a handwritten note.


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