Wednesday Song

Jeff Buckley – forget her

From the album “Grace” (1994)

It feels a bit like a cliché to like Jeff Buckley’s music. There is such a hype about him and usually, I steer clear of that kind of artists. Successfully, I might add, with the exception of Pink Floyd and Jeff. Jeff Buckley died at age 30 in 1997. Apparently, he drowned, but the circumstances are still unclear. His most famous song is his cover version of the Lenard Cohen song “Hallelujah”. May I be blunt?! I hate that song. And I don’t say that often.

Here is another of Jeff’s songs that I love:

Everybody here wants you

From the album “Sketches for my sweetheart the drunk” (1998). That song is sex.

Jeff Buckley, just like his father, the talented Tim Buckley, died too soon and I am sure there would have been more music in him. But I also believe that he would have burnt out at some point. And he already felt the pressure after releasing “Grace” and recording “Sketches for my sweetheart the drunk”.

Ah, maybe this post shows my ignorance about music… I am not an audiophile; I am not a critic. Music makes me feel; it is like breathing. It helps me understand my emotions and sort them. There is a song for every situation. I believe that. And there are so many different genres that make people feel the same. I was called a music snob a couple of times. It was meant as an insult, and I felt it deeply. But, the truth is, I am not a snob because I listen to some post-rock or prog rock. I am not a snob for listening and feeling lyrics or melody. The same person who called me a music snob also said that if music influences my moods, then I should listen to more upbeat songs, and my depression would ease. If it was that easy… If it only was that easy. It is not. I am not overthinking out of fun; I don’t know any other way of thinking. I am not hard on myself because it is fun to be; I just don’t know how else to be… And there is a long list like this. There are many choices in life, but sometimes, the choice is between bad and worse.

Happy Wednesday…

2 thoughts on “Wednesday Song

  1. Jeff Buckley was a gorgeous man and a tremendous talent, and his horrible death at such a young age was a real tragedy. I never got much into his music, not because I don’t like him (I do), but because up until only the last decade or so, my music listening was pretty much limited to hit singles. If an artist or band didn’t have a hit single that got played on the radio, I didn’t hear it. Rather stupid and self-limiting on my part I know, but that’s the way it was for me. As a result, I missed out on hearing a lot of great music by so many artists and bands over the years, and am still catching up! I really need to make time to listen to more of Buckley’s music.

    Each of us likes what we like, and some are just more particular about what music touches us or sounds good to our ears. I’m open to all genres and sub-genres of music, however, am not a big fan of very much rap, country or deathcore – though I do like some music in those genres.

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    1. Many music lovers are into mainstream music and that is not bad. I have my go-to genres too, and I have genres that I don’t like as much, like Jazz and Reggae.
      You know, I believe that diversity is the spice of life. I am not a judgmental person anyway. Tolerance is key 🙂

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