Monday Song

Exit Ten – suggest a path

From the album “Give me Infinty” 2011.

Back in the beginning of my presence on Twitter, a couple of musicians followed me. Amongst them was a British man who had just finished his masters in music – I can not remember the specifics, but he release a brilliant instrumental album. Martyn Jackson was his name and the album was called “Home”. After a while, he suffered from the same crippling self-doubts that turn against so many awesome creative minds and he left social media. Now, I am pretty sure he is still around, but I don’t know, to be honest. Now, why do I tell you a story about Martyn? He was the one to suggest Exit Ten.

Orellana was one of Martyn’s projects, and while browsing and searching, I found this beautiful piece. I remember it vividly, because back when I heard it for the first time, it inspired a short story… Haunting instrumental piece.

And now, after walking down memory lane like this, I feel like finding Martyn and telling him that his music still matters.

Have a nice week. xx

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