Thursday Song

INXS – don’t change

From the 1982 album “Shabooh, Shoobah”. It is third studio album of this Australian band. And the above song is my favourite of INXS.

•Can you believe it? This afternoon, I sent off the last copy of “Unquiet Minds” I had at home. I feel a bit empty but also elated. I had 35 copies to start with and in a bit more than 2 years they were sent out all over the globe.

•I have new projects in the pipeline and new ideas that I have to mull over for a while before I announce them.

•The uploading of the story is slower; my beta reader vanished into thin air.

•tomorrow I will visit my workplace – just a visit to collect a few things. I am nervous about it. It is not as if many people asked about me in the 5 weeks that I have been on sick leave.

•keep an eye on this place. Tomorrow I will share the link I mentioned yesterday and announce a little something.

Big hugs from me to you


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