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Good evening dear all,

I am not sure if I ever mentioned it, but as an avid music supporter, I was added to a Discord Channel for DIY musicians. All very talented people in their own right.

The DIY-hard channel and community came about when MrSteJ started to share his tips and tricks to produce and release own music or musical projects on YouTube. On his channel everything is covered: from how to write catchy songs to using bandcamp or advertising ones work… Quite interesting.

As a patreon, I was added to a Discord channel, and truth be told, I felt out of place because I am not a musician. But the community is special.

Last August, it was decided to do a collaborative project, to be released in December. One of the members of the community (drawn from a hat) chose a theme – Winter. The founder, MrSteJ, who I mentioned this week already, asked if I was willing to write something for the project, and I agreed.

Yesterday, during the weekly YT-stream, the project was released on Bandcamp. The songs were put in order – the names of the thirteen artists were put in a hat and MrSteJ drew them at random. Tomorrow, the DIY-hards will have a listening party on the Discord channel and the day after, (on Friday), I will share the link to “Snow Globe” a DIY- collab, here on this blog. Thirteen artists created songs of different genres, recorded and produced them. Lots of work and passion went into this.

My contribution is not much, but I am proud to be a part of this release.

What I like about the DIY-hard community is that there is no competition. Everyone is helping out as much as they can, no question is too odd to ask, and there is room for humour as well.

Curious? Questions?

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