Monday Song

T E Morris – provenance

From the album “and you were the hunter” (2014) released on Function Records.

There is a video clip for this song too:

What can I say about T E Morris that I haven’t said before? I don’t know. A great man who gives healing hugs, is an insanely talented musician, has a good sense of humour…

Support Tom on Patreon:

I admit, I withdrew my support on Patreon from most people recently. There are only three left:

Tom as mentioned above. Tom was also a member of Her Name is Calla.

MrSteJ – a DIY guide for musicians. He is a brilliant musician with lots of knowledge. He is willing to share. Funnily enough, he invited me into a Discord channel. I feel quite out of place there, and not. Most, if not all, of the other members, are musicians.

One of Stephen’s projects: wired to follow – departures. It is ambient music, for those who want to listen.

Matt Steady – memories

Matt Steady might be a bit different, but he, too, is a good guy who makes music with his entire heart. Matt’s genre is Celtic folk-rock, I would say. Guitar, fiddles, melodies, poetry…

And now that I shared these Spotify links, I wonder if I should have shared Bandcamp links instead.

Enjoy the music… Oh, I just noticed… All three musicians are British… Must be something in the water there.

2 Replies to “Monday Song”

  1. I follow Matt Steady, though I don’t support his Patreon account. He’s pretty prolific not only at putting out music, but also keeping in touch with his fans. And speaking of Brits, 80% of the artists & bands who ask me for reviews are British or Welsh. I’m not exaggerating.

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