Friday Song

Hammock – disappear like the morning

From the album “Raising your voice… Trying to stop an echo” (2006)

Once again, I was told that my music tastes are too random and that a red thread is missing in my posts. Well… I don’t care. I care about many things, but I refuse to be judged for the sounds that soothe my mind and caress my soul.

Happy weekend… and thank you for being on this journey with me. xx

4 thoughts on “Friday Song

  1. You mean another blogger criticized your music tastes? I think you’ve got pretty good taste in music, as I’ve really liked nearly all of the songs you’ve shared. This one is utterly captivating. And what is a ‘red thread’ that’s missing from your posts?

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    1. Apparently, there is too much on the blog and it is too random. Writing, poetry, fiction, personal stuff, music… Apparently, I should stick to one thing. And that is not music, because there too, my tastes are too varied and random.

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