Tuesday Song

Antimatter – the immaculate misconception

From the album “Leaving Eden” 2007. It is a mostly instrumental song. I like the album, but never noticed the song until I listened to a 10-year anniversary version of the album where Mick Moss talked the listener through the entire album. I remember the moment… I was sitting in my car, just after signing an addendum to my work contract in 2017. Happy moment.


New fashion accessory

Me right now… Written off work until mid-January and then some… You guessed it, the shoulder.

2 thoughts on “Tuesday Song

    1. Yes their music is beautiful. But it also changed over the years and became rock-ier. Antimatter is mostly Mick Moss who is the founder of this project from Liverpool, UK. At first he was helped by Duncan Patterson from Anathema, and when Duncan left, Daniel Cavanagh took over. You can hear him on this song. But Daniel is a complicated character and when he left Antimatter to join his own band again, Antimatter became mostly a one-man show with guest musicians. It gives Mick all the creative decisions and he does a good job. All the name dropping, lol, as far as I know, they are all still friends.

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