See you on the other side of today

The thing is, I did not hate this year. I liked it. I met new people, dared things I never dared before. Once in a lifetime things happened. People came and went. Inspiration came and went and came. And through it all, I also struggled with ongoing shoulder issues. I would not have published my novel, I would not have written as much poetry, and I would not have moved out of my comfort zone so often in a normal year. I would not have learned all these wonderful lessons, and I would not have heard all this awesome new music. Thank you all for being a part of this journey. Be it as distant satellites or close friends – you matter. Remember, everyone steps into our life for a reason. Everything happens for a reason. Have a good one. Cathy 🤟💜

Thursday Song

The Howl & the Hum – hostages

From the album “Human Contact”. My song and album of the year. This post is dedicated to Jeff. He writes one of the best music blogs out there, with lots of research and dedication. Every week, Jeff publishes a list of songs; I’ve heard many good new songs from him.

You should give his blog a follow if you are into music.

With this song, I’ll conclude this month’s daily posts. Posting daily is often a challenge, I admit. But I like it nonetheless.

Lots of love,


Wednesday Song

Depeche Mode – question of lust

From the album “black celebration”

I was listening to Depeche Mode all day long. I love it.

I am a sensual being, that’s why I chose that song.


There is a glitch between my ears
Something’s not quite right
I put on a sold-out award-winning show
Days after weeks after months after fears
A woven web of fight and light
I don’t recognise myself in the melting tears of snow

Tuesday Song

The Twilight Sad – I became a prostitute

From the album “Forget the Night Ahead” (2009)

Another Scottish band, but this time with a thicker accent that yesterday’s We Were Promised Jetpacks.

The song I chose is not a coincidence. Firstly, I like that song a lot.

But secondly… Yesterday I put in a lot of time and dedication to implement and embed a donation button on this blog. Everything would have stayed for free, but if someone felt inclined to give a little something, then that would have been possible. I was called a prostitute for this idea and the audacity to even think about being talented enough to ask for anything. I felt hurt. Humiliated even. Then I felt the joys of being mansplained the different definitions of prostitution. “asking for money without reason while sharing ones talent”. Does that make ever artist a prostitute? I am surely overthinking this. I was very quick to take the button and the post explaining the meaning and reason down again. My main reason was to get the funds to invest money into my writing – professional editing and formatting, professional cover art, individual ISBNs – not the ones I use now, linked to KDP (kindle direct publishing). Needless to say, I felt all wrong after the conversation. I felt untalented and obnoxious. But it is still on my mind. I am not sure if I was ever that quick to take down a post, but still, four people saw it… and I don’t know how I feel about that.

Expect two more songs this year. And, listen to the entire album I shared. It is really good.

Have a good day.


Thank you

This evening, I sold the first copy of my new book “A Life in Frames”. It is the first overall and the first using the paypal link on this site too. But, it is not the first book they bought. It is the fourth. And like all the others, it will find a new home in Wales. With a handwritten note.

If you want your own copy too, just use the link at the end of the page. The books will get send out on or around January 10th. If you can’t or won’t wait until then, try your local amazon site and search for “A Life in Frames” by Catherine Tricarico.

Thank you for your generosity.


I felt them coming on this winter’s day

The tears I didn’t know I kept at bay

Through the music of Nick Drake

I felt unbearably fake.

And I cover my face

To hide my mind’s maze

I ran so far far far away

But you sing “stay,” and I obey.

Monday Song

We were promised jetpacks – I keep it composed

From the album “Unravelling” (2014)

This Scottish band was recommended to me by my sister’s now-ex. He had a show on the radio, playing one hour of strange music every week. But his tastes were good. While I was browsing my Bandcamp collection, I found lots of forgotten albums, this one included.

It’s Monday, December 28th… I have to meet a deadline – I promised an album review. You’ll find me with headphones and coffee today.


On repeat…

Sunday Music

This is my current on repeat playlist that Spotify compiled for me… Take a look. There is everything from Pink Floyd to Selena Gomez.

Have a nice Sunday… xx