nothing but an illusion

(Repost November 2015)

I crave your touch
Yearn to feel your heat.
Speak to me.

Your kisses on my neck
Your breath on my naked skin.
Make me see.

Unbreak my fragile heart
Put my pieces back together.
Heal me.

I want you near
You are on my mind.
Love me.

And as raise my head
I see the stars above.
The light in your eyes.

Your soft voice inside my ear
Reminds me of who you want me to be.
Beguiling me.

The ghost of your soul
Feeds me everything I’ve lost.
Save me.

In my dreams you are real
My fears nonexistent.
You set me free.

The dark and desperation faded
The light and hope shine for you.
You did this.

But while I blame you for the good
I realise it’s not you.
It’s in me.

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