Saturday Song

Lone Wolf – mistakes

From the album “Lodge” (2015). When I found the above live performance this morning on YouTube, it had no views. Let’s show him some love and make his day. Watch that clip.

Paul Marshall – Lone Wolf, is one of those musicians who can never go wrong for me. Well, apart from the fact that the album “Lodge” is not on Spotify. But “The Lovers” is and also his debut “The Devil and I”.

Music for the soul, isn’t it? For a while, I let myself be inspired by other music, more aggressive, and I liked some of it – but if I am honest, I only wanted to be liked.

I feel disconnected. Maybe it is just that moment in a cycle when acquaintances fade away and friendships fade out. Add to that the uncertainty that is colouring my life right now, and you get a lonelier version of the woman I usually am…

Tomorrow is my daughter’s birthday. Twelve years already. My son will be sixteen in January. My youngest turned ten last July. And I? I will be thirty-eight in February…

Pheww… Anyway, enjoy the above song, let’s give it some views. ☺

2 Replies to “Saturday Song”

  1. It’s a lovely, albeit melancholy song that fits my mood at the moment. Like you, I’m feeling disconnected too, with an overwhelming sense of disappointment. I probably expect too much from others, which I realize is stupid and counterproductive on my part.

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