The last of my stock

This is the last of my stock, if you are interested in buying and owning a personalised copy of one of my books, now is the time. I ship worldwide. Payment via PayPal.

Heart of Stone – novel, 4 copies left (19€/$22,50)
Unquiet Minds – poetry, 3 copies left (12€/$14)
Drowning in a Sea of Voices – poetry, 2 copies left 10€/$12)

Every word in these books was written by myself, every cover picture was taken and edited by myself too. Once my stock is gone, it is gone and the only way of purchasing these books is through Amazon. There are copies in Australia, Brazil, Canada, US, UK, Sweden, South Africa, India, Germany, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Romania, Ukraine… Join the readers all around the globe.

Comment for more information. 😉

Have a nice weekend xx

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