In the dark night, a storm is blowing broken leaves off the large tree in front of my open window. It is cold outside, but it is warm under my blanket. The lights are off, but my bedroom is not dark: my alarm clock illuminates some of the room, my mobile phone’s screen shines brightly too. My fingers are flitting across the display, pushing buttons, making black letters appear on the white screen. Every letter turns into a new word – A foreign language that is more familiar than my own. Words turn into sentences written for your eyes only. I see an ellipsis on the screen, and my heart flutters, waiting for your message. Will it be a cheesy country song or questions? Something else entirely? It does not really matter; I just enjoy your momentary presence in my life. The storm and the rain lull me into sleep, but I am fighting to stay awake. I am not ready to let you go just yet. Please don’t go. Don’t disappear from my screen. And you don’t. Some words you write pull at all the right strings in my chest; they warm me from within. It feels like home – As if I belong into your arms and into your mind. Your last message is one to say “goodnight.” I like how considerate you are. I smile as the rain drums against my window. Is it asking for my attention? Is the darkness jealous of the light you carry for me? I shake my head… My thoughts turn into weird mush, and maybe 12:45 am is a good time to get up, brush my teeth, and get back under my lonely duvet again. Time to count some sheep and to fall asleep.

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