Can men and women be friends?

First of, don’t expect too much from this post… It is not filled with scientific evidence. There are no interviews, these are simply my own thoughts, questions, and experiences.

I am not a girl’s girl. I never was. I was 35 when I heard the word “girl-code” for the first time – and only because apparently, I broke it.

I get along well with men. Of all ages. Apparently, it is because we share more of the same interests and because I don’t like any drama bullshit. That said, I am a drama queen in my own right. I like being flirty, but I most often don’t fall in love or lust with a male person. One look at my social media (any channel, FB, Twitter, IG, here…) shows that my audience is mostly male. Why? I don’t know. Maybe I have daddy issues and they all want to save me. Ha – I was told so when someone (a woman) counted how many men followed me on twitter. (!!!) And you ask why I don’t invest myself in female friendships?!

The thing is, as soon as you openly chat with a man (as a woman) you are accused of having a crush. That’s also why some men think it is okay to send dick-pics. Now – many women are very appalled by pictures of genitalia on their DMs. I am not. I am not inviting anyone – but we all know that I like some kind of attention. This is not an invitation – keep your pants up!

Anyway… I believe that men and women can be friends without any romantic feelings. Friends come in different gender and with different backgrounds and talents. I like diversity. And I like learning from people. I like having my mind stimulated. And I hate when everything needs to follow certain rules.

Most of my friends and confidants are male. The people I trust most are male. The people I miss most are male. I am not a girl’s girl and don’t believe in girl-code…

2 thoughts on “Can men and women be friends?

  1. It’s true that men generally don’t engage in as much drama, though I can be quite the drama queen myself every now and then. And of course, the biggest male drama queen on the planet still occupies the White House in Washington, D.C.!
    With regard to men being able to be platonic friends with women, I believe most can successfully do so, but the fact remains that most (but certainly not all) men often think with their dicks, and when meeting or chatting with a woman for the first time, they size them up sexually. The same goes for gay men toward other men, and anyone who denies this is lying. Fortunately, the majority of men have the maturity to get over those initial sexual longings fairly quickly, and settle into a healthy platonic friendship.

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    1. Maybe the sexual tension in the beginning is due to unconsciously not engaging with anyone who does not attract some kind of curiosity in us. And the first we often notice is the appearance – even in pictures. And if there are no clear pictures, we try finding some that help build an image of the other in our imagination…
      That said… If I were a man, I would probably be a dick-thinker too. And have constant boners. Lol…

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