Pain. Lots of pain.

During the last year, I often complained about shoulder aches. I had several different treatments, medicines, massages, dry needling, acupuncture, subacromial injections in different places… Nothing relieved the pain for more than one week. Today, I had another injection. This time, right into the joint and under the acromion. And while the other injections were almost okay, this time, I am in agony. I hurts and I don’t know how to sit or to lie down to make it better. I am not allowed to take pain meds yet, because the injection was made of corticosteroids and anesthetics – they need to wear off a bit first. This sucks. It honestly does. My right arm is of no use right now, because even typing on the phone pulls at the tendons in the shoulder – something you don’t notice when everything is okay.

My doc said several times that surgery would be inevitable, but as long as we can try to repair or relieve the damage and pain with injections, he doesn’t want to do surgery – even less in times like these. But at the same time, this is the last chance, the last try. And I just want to remember how it is to be pain-free for more than one week. Oh, I am whining, and I shouldn’t. But yes, I should. This sucks. And I don’t know how to sit still and how to neglect my chores at home. But I have to. I guess the injection did not take the last time because I didn’t delegate my work and because I chose to drive to the Netherlands (which I don’t regret in any way – no, it helped me grow in many ways… and the people I met there too – I will not forget and will always be there if I am needed.) Right now, though, I was taken out of work for almost two weeks, and I need to find a way to behave myself and take it easy.

Send music 😁 I am still waiting for 6 (!) vinyl records… Maybe some will come during my time off work.


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