Hello darkness,

can you tell? I was not comforted and covered in your opaque veil; you didn’t lull me into a dreamless sleep. One hour is not enough to recover, and yet I had the best day of my week so far. Did well at work, did well in my private life too.

But now I am tired, and my mind plays tricks on me. Is this real or just a dream? What does it all mean? But I am too tired to overthink, to happy to make my ship sink.

Unusual me… People prefer me to be brooding and dark, but the future holds bright promises that I intend to meet. Women in need.

Manic phase? you ask, and I say no. Just too happy to sleep the night away, too preoccupied to waste my time on dreams.

Hello darkness, claim me now. My eyes hurt, and my mind is tired. My head is pounding, but my heart is racing toward happiness.

Who would have known, and who would have guessed?

*Life is good, and I am glad that I stayed alive to experience these unique feelings.

*my best friend sent a book to me about mindfulness. 💜 There are valuable lessons to learn.

*Super awesome people and specific plans are coming together

*I did not listen to Anathema today, at all. Not even a song. And that realisation felt weird.

*I’ve sent two applications for a new job yesterday and sent another one today. I am passionate about my work, but I have no intention to stay at my current workplace for longer than necessary.

*considerate people who treat me with respect – why does that feel so new?

Everything will be okay.

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