Song of the day

Ashes Divide – too late

From the album “Keep Telling Myself it’s Alright” (2008, def jam)

One of the calmer songs of this one-man band. Ashes Divide is the side project of A Perfect Circle’s Billy Howerdel.

Some about me:

Age: 37

Zodiac: Aquarius

Favourite show: tie between Santa Clarita Diet and A handmaid’s tale.

Favourite song of the moment: Hostages by the Howl & the Hum

Describe yourself in one word: mindful

What do you say?

I am tired today and my shoulder hurts af. Not sure what I did wrong again, but it hasn’t hurt like this in a long while. I mean, I was never pain-free, but today it feels like I am at a peak. Time for surgery, I guess. No need to stall any longer.

On the up-side. I still feel happy and relaxed. A nice feeling for a change.

source: somewhere on IG

Have a great weekend.



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