Advertising myself

As of last July, there are three books available from yours truly. 2 poetry collection and 1 romantic novel.

The 3 books can be bought here, they come with personalised autographs, a note, and, I ship worldwide.

If you prefer ebooks, my books can be found on Amazon.

My first poetry collection is called Unquiet Minds. It was published in July 2018 and in it are poems written between 2012 and 2018.

Paperback: Unquiet Minds

Kindle: Unquiet Minds

My second poetry collection is called Drowning in a Sea of Voices. It was published in December 2019.

Paperback: Drowning in a Sea of Voices

Kindle: Drowning in a Sea of Voices

And this year, after many years of working on it off and on, I published my first novel called Heart of Stone.

Paperback: Heart of Stone

Kindle: Heart of Stone

Truth be told, I published three other novels under a different name, but they were only available for several weeks before I took them down again. Compare to Stone, they need a lot more work.

By clicking the links, you will be leaving this site and go to It is not an affiliate link…

On my blog here, you can also find the links to buy from me directly and pay via Paypal. Only one person used that feature so far – ever.

Thank you for you support and your kind words you always seem to find for me. Have a great Friday and an awesome weekend.


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