Song of the Night

New Order – true faith

From the 1986 album Brotherhood.

Tonight, while switching channels on TV, I stopped on Deluxe Music. They had an 80s Extreme show. (It is still on as I am typing.) So many awesome songs from 1986 and 1987 today, but New Order always stands out for me. It doesn’t hurt that the clip to the above song is quite funny.

The following is my favourite song of this band and an overall Top 5 song for me.

When I was young, we listened to the radio with a cassette in the deck ready to record whatever song that came on and we liked. I was one of those who only needed to push the pause button to record songs and I listened to those tapes on my walkman until I was tired of the songs or knew exactly which song followed which. The above song “1963” was a song I only heard once on the radio and recorded it. Because I liked it so much and had no clue about the artist, I marked the tape – to make sure to keep it. I remember it well, the tape was black, brown, and gold. It must have been around 1992 when I recorded the cassette.

Fast forward several years. It was 1999, the internet found its way into our home and with it sites like Napster and Yahoo. Through Yahoo I tried to find out more about the song by typing parts of the lyrics. And wouldn’t you know – I found what I was looking for. Napster was not as easy, because I found the song but not the right version. I was frustrated. And it took many more years until I found the exact song I was looking for.

Long story short… With the internet, you can find them what you are looking for. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Song of the Night

  1. I used to do the same thing, recording songs played on the radio directly onto a cassette tape, but it was during the early 1970s, fully 20 years before you (as I’m old enough to be your father). I love “True Faith”, but can’t believe I’ve never seen this video.

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    1. My father has your age, indeed. Maybe listening to music with a finger on the record button (or in my case, it was the pause button) is what paved the way to listening more consciously to music.

      The video for True Faith is excellent. I like it a lot. It’s funny too.

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