Song of the day

Once again, I share my happy song with you all… The song that makes me smile from ear to ear. And I shared it time and time before…

I spent the day outside with my youngest daughter. We set up our inflatable pool and spent most of the day in the water, playing and goofing around, but we also had some serious conversations. My middle daughter and my son didn’t make it outside.

Tonight, I made dinner, and after that, we played a round of Trivial Pursuit. And later, we watched music videos on YouTube. We made an entire playlist. My older kids went on their way again, but my youngest stayed put, and we ended our day with the above song. *sigh*

It was a really nice day – apart from the slight sunburn on my back because my youngest was too eager to get into the pool to put lotion on momma’s back 🙂

It is all well, though. No work until August 25th! Yay!

2 Replies to “Song of the day”

    1. For our region it is very very hot. I enjoy it, though. There is a slight breeze at all times, and to be honest, I think it is easier to enjoy the heatwave when I am home instead of being at work. I don’t have many plans for my vacation, apart from attending a wedding (where only 10 guests are allowed…) Apart from that, lots of time for music… 🙂

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