Wednesday 3

This spoke to me because I am ready to leap. I waited for a long while, but I think, if I can muster the courage and maybe have a little final shove, then change is near. It is about time I act and brush away my self-doubt.

1. I almost finalised my novel. The format and ISBN are sorted, I just need to revise one last time to get rid of the pesky spelling errors that fly under the spellchecking radar

2. I made pizza from scratch, yummy

3. I rediscovered how much fun writing can be. I am a good writer. I really am.

4. Chatted with an old acquaintance

5. Was asked about my opinion on a new track by a musician who follows me on Twitter. I was honest and kind.

6. I accepted something to come to its end, even though I would have preferred it to continue.

7. I am struggling a lot with myself these days, but I will get there. If I could only allow myself the same kindness and care I offer freely to others.

8. Music. Braver and Stronger was my song of the day (see post). Song of the night:

Glen Hansard – Leave. From the motion picture “Once”. There is so much emotion in that song. I like Glen’s music a lot. I saw him live once and it was the first time I shed a tear at a live gig. He played this song:

Bird of sorrow from the album Rhythm & Repose (2012)

9. It is okay to fail. It is okay to have flaws. It is okay to show emotions (not only write about them…)

10. Goodnight. xx

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