VC is taking a dive

Out of the dark, into the light. No more being hidden away in a gym bag. From where I am, I can see lots of naked male butts. It might be because I am in an all-male changing room. Some are hairy; some are smooth, some could use some sun, others need more exercise. I am grabbed in strong hands, and two feet are pushed through the designated holes. I glide up smooth calves, pass manly knees, and muscular thighs. I find my place; fitting snuck as a glove against the intimate region of my wearer. He is a world-class athlete. Today we will only do a training session in the pool, but I know that we will both give our best. I am touching patches of skin that no person has touched in a while. Only VC. There we go. One jump, heels over head and we dive almost to the bottom of the pool. He breaks through the chlorine filled water, takes a breath and dives in again.
VC; that’s what they call when he cuts the water with every stroke of his arms. Once I am wet, I am clinging to his skin, I don’t want to leave his body. All I know is that I was made for him. I was made to hug his body. I want to believe that he wins races because of me.


10 minutes and the timer went off. 233 words. I don’t know if it is a lot or not, we always need to take into consideration that my ideas have to be translated into English while I am writing. This is what I wrote in this short time… Unedited and no mistakes were corrected.

6 thoughts on “VC is taking a dive

    1. You are too kind. I am not a great writer either. Lately, I am less creative, that’s why I jump on the occasions to have these challenges.
      But Jeff, you are an amazing writer. Your reviews are gripping, filled with details and research, and your wording has a great flow. ❤

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  1. I agree with EclecticMusicLover, I could never sit down and produce even half of what you wrote in 10 minutes because I am too meticulous with my wording (plus I am spacey and sit thinking on a word for moments at a time!). Well done, though, excellent piece of writing that shows you every bit of skin the Speedo is touching……….and into the water! Go to the front of the class!

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    1. Thank you, Sam. Maybe this kind of exercise is easier for me because I just write without overthinking the wording? I use the simple vocabulary I have. When I edit my work that is different, of.course, but most on this site is written as a first draft or impulsively anyway. 🙂


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