On the rise again

Well… It is official, we here in Luxembourg are having a second Covid-19 wave.

Maybe we started our deconfinement too early and maybe, opening schools for everyone was not the wisest decision. Schools started for everyone in their original classes again two weeks ago. Before that, classes we’re broken up in two groups and each group went to school for one week and was homeschooled for the next. Now, as of today, the kids are on their summer break which will last until mid-September. I believe, that there is a correlation between the rising numbers and our kids being in their full classes again. Though, our minister of education never tired to say that schools are not a place were kids get infected, they get infected in private…. It always sounded as if there is an invisible dome protecting the schools from the virus. But the fact remains that if one kid was infected in a class, other likely caught it too, brought it home and from there siblings and/or parents spread it further.

Colour me worried… Finally, I am worried about this too. That said, I wear (and always wore) my mask, kept and keep my distances, I wash my hands and use sanitizer. I never wear the same clothes twice and wear different clothes to work than in private (meaning: I change before I leave work). Add to that, ever since restaurants, bars, and pubs opened, I only went twice…

Luxembourg is considered a land of risk. Arguments are that we are testing a lot – 12144 tests today, and 163 were positive. I sounds like nothing at all, but it is enough to make our country panic.

My fridge is empty and my freezer too. There is no stock in food in my house. I guess, I need to stock up again on some simple things. I don’t even have any pasta left at home. (But, I have an xxl package of bog roll ☺☺).

That was that!

13 thoughts on “On the rise again

  1. Oh gosh!! We are on summer break now too and our school boards are trying to get plans in place for September. When we go back, we will have been out 5.5 months. From March 13th-September 8th.

    How did the in school/online thing work for your girls? We are all curious as to what to expect….

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    1. We used Microsoft Teams and OneDrive for homeschooling. The teachers shared the homework through these channels but sent a weekly email with explanations what to do. Every Friday, we scanned or took pics and sent every homework back, via OneDrive or Teams. Twice a week there were meetings.
      It went rather well for my kids. They were disciplined and we mostly worked in the morning, giving them lots of free time in the afternoon. I only saw that my oldest daughter (middle child) has some difficulties in French that I was not able to work through with her. (Meaning: she was stubborn and refused my help and my tips.) Schools were closed for two months. From March until May. Then they had A-weeks (group A going to school) and B-weeks (group B staying home). From July on, they all had to be there at the same time again, in small classrooms and in large groups.

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      1. Oh that sounds ok! Would the A group be doing the same work in school as the B group at home? Would the teacher have to do recorded videos for the home students? Im trying to wrap my head around the fact that half my kids might possibly be at home and how on earth am I going to teach and do online at the same time? Lol

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        1. A and B were taught the same things, and they had homework (revisions and repeating what they learned). There were no recorded sessions for us, but I heard from other teachers who tried it that way. Here in Luxembourg there is team-teaching in most classes. It was good for this situation, because one teacher was in class and the other was available for the kids who were at home that week.

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            1. Yes. They usually worked new topics at school one week and the homework was to get into it a bit more. First the introduction at school, then the workbook pages for home. My youngest had a strict schedule for every day. Two things in German, two things in French and two in maths. And a couple of exercises that didn’t have to be done by the end of the week.

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    1. Yes. I think it was a reason why everything opened again here too. We were on lockdown from early on and the government thought we were safer than we really were. So now we are paying for it.

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      1. Sadly we are. I don’t know if in Luxembourg this is a thing, but the government here is threatening to fine parents who don’t send their kids back in September.


      2. Here, parents were allowed to stay with their kids – paid leave from work, but from today on (because of summer break beginning) this is not an option anymore, and nurseries and other day care facilities are overflowing with kids again.


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