My first interview

This interview happened a lifetime ago. So many things changed, some stayed the same. I was a different person 6 years ago, with different people in my life. Most of them are gone. It’s funny how life changes. Also, I was convinced back then that I was a good writer, truth be told, I was crap. But the ego I had back then kept me going. The moment I started to doubt my writing skills, I lost my creative muse and couldn’t come up with (or stick to) a storyline. And yet… Nice reminder of who I used to be.

reflections of an unquiet mind

“Questions for Cathy; some random, serious or to hopefully make you smile.”

Personal questions:

Your best friend:

That’s easy, because I only have less than a handful of friends in total.

My best female friend is a woman I’ve known for 16 years now. We met in school and we have not many similarities at all. But despite our differences, I love her to bits and I know, that she’ll always be there for me, no matter what.

First crush:

A boy called Yann and who was/is a year older than me. I was 9 and he was 10. He’s also the reason I wear my watch and the right wrist. 🙂 Yann was a twin. His brother was never as gorgeous as he was, but most girls disagreed with me on that. He had blonde hair and brown eyes. Really dark eyes and a wicked smile.

Hot or cold

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