Once in a while, there are these surveys online, asking which musician is missed the most or which loss we grieved the most. And there are plenty who come to my mind.

But you know what? Only one’s story of life and death always brings me to tears. Always, without fail.

Freddy Mercury.

Tonight there was a documentary (truthfully, it was only a segment) about Rudi Dolezal on German television. Rudi was the director was many Queen video clips and a friend of the band. He has a lot to say about Freddy, but always respectfully and lovingly. And what strikes me most in every documentary about Queen and Freddy Mercury is his love and lust for life. He was not done yet, there was more in him, and we will never see it. (Maybe there was no creativity left in him, but somehow, I doubt that and we will never know the truth). Paired with “The Show Must Go On” and snippets from the clip for “These Are The Days”, I cannot stop the tears from falling. It gets to me every time. Pathetic, really, seeing that I never was a big Queen fan. They have great songs, outstanding and brilliant ones. But they have also those that are way above my head.

I am no sure what makes me this emotional when I see documentaries about Freddy Mercury but… There you have it. I am a sensitive woman.

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