As if nothing ever happend

And after July 15th Corona does not exist anymore. At least, it feels like it here in Luxembourg. Everything will be back to normal. As if there is no pandemic claiming lives world-wide.

To be honest, our government react quite greatly during this pandemic. I trusted them a lot. But it is the way out that is weird and incoherent. Masks, no masks. No full schools, but full schools for the remaining last two weeks of the school year. No contact sports – no ballet. But rugby is okay. (And after June 29th, every sport is allowed again). Restaurants and pubs are open and next week cinemas will be opened for guests too. Borders are opened and we are allowed to travel again.

It seems as if corona is eradicated during the summer months. We will see how that plays out in September.

Are there dates when lockdown will ease at your place? (or has it already?)

I had my first test (mandatory because of work) last Wednesday. It was negative. Ever since, my throat hurts, and I feel exhausted. It might be a coincidence. I will have to get tested once every two weeks. And really, my gag reflex is not amused. It really isn’t. My gag reflex is too sensitive for that swab. (Tmi… Or not?!?)

7 thoughts on “As if nothing ever happend

  1. Our government has started opening up certain areas but not others so in Ontario are Premier has opened up almost all of our regions except for four and because Trono such a major city is one of those four and we have like so many cases still so we’re not opening up yet but other places have their barbershops open their patios things like that shopping is starting again but the recommending masks all the time or education manager just gave certain guidelines for the for opening up in September and so we’ll see how that goes we’re not exactly sure what September is going to look like for school but we’re hoping that we can go back

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    1. I guess, in comparison, Luxembourg has only 650000 citizens in all, that’s a different number. 🙂 But as long as it is coherent, it is okay to ease lockdown, just here, it seems often motivated for economic reasons and safety of the people becomes secondary. All the while, in the first place, panic was installed in all of us for the safety of every citizen.

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      1. Oh OK I see I am here they’re like wanting to open up for economic reasons as well but our Prime Minister is encouraging premieres to do it on their own business in Ontario just has so many cases still that we’re slowly slowly opening up but like I think they’re doing it in a really good way but also they should be making masks mandatory in all public spaces pizza places but they’re not really forcing that they’re kind of leaving it up to the population to do it but I think that’s like the best way to do it I heard that if everyone wore a mask when they were in a place 100?percent of the time then it be gone in like a month or something like that I could be so simple right but it’s obviously so many people just aren’t going to do it or they won’t do it or they can’t do it so I don’t know it’s gonna happen

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        1. Masks are mandatory over her in public transportation(trains and busses, taxi caps…), in stores and also when entering a restaurant, and anywhere where we can’t stay 6feet (2metres) apart. They are releasing mixed information though and that what keeps the population somewhat nervous. Every day new regulations are released and it is tiring. To the point that many people started to ignoring them.

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          1. Masks are going to be mandatory here for the public buses as of July 2 but like that’s the only place where the mandatory our premier doesn’t wanna tell us when it’s mandatory to wear them even though they are highly recommended and suggested for anywhere you can’t stay 6 feet apart from each other

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  2. Despite fairly strict controls and quarantines here since late March, California is still experiencing many new cases and deaths. Of course, a small but persistent number of people refuse to comply.

    I had a COVID-19 test a week ago, and it consisted of a swab inserted deep into my nasal passage all the way to my sinus cavity.

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    1. Numbers are quite low and consistent over here; I have to say. It just feels weird that two months ago, we were all going to die if we mingled and now everything is okay and as if nothing ever happened. It feels like hypocrisy.

      The test I had was a swab being interested all the way to the back of my throat. I asked if they could do it through the nose, but they refused.

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