Around the corner

I found you in the corner of my mind

Guiding me into the tunnel, and from there, into the light

I found you in the darkest memories I couldn’t find

Dragging me through the day and abandoning me at night

I found you as tattoos drawn on my soul

Completing my imperfections, filling holes and voids

How come we kept our love hidden in plain sight?

You sang too many love songs to know by heart

And I found you in my mind and my blood

It was a start, but one that we forgot

Kiss me gently until I almost regret

That I found you where you left me last night

Unfinished stories, unsaid words – I will not leave without a fight

I found you and keep you as a hostage in my chest

Twin soul, bearer of light, buried forever in the corner of my mind

Original draft of this poem, slightly altered for better flow and to be easier accessible

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