song for… now

Billie Myers – kiss the rain

The song appears on the album “Growing, Pains” (1997, Universal Records)

Why this song now?

It’s raining. For the first time in many weeks, it is raining. Of course I went outside. I stood with my arms wide open and felt every drop on my face and on my arms. I soaked it up and let a smile replace my frown. What I sight I must be for the neighbors, but I don’t care. This is me. The essence of me. Soaking up the rain. Kissing the rain. It makes me happy. Yes, it does.

I guess this is very weird for most people. But try it. Go outside and enjoy the rain. Enjoy how it feels on your bare skin. It’s magic. It really is. I know, kissing the rain, enjoying it so much that it makes me really happy and energizes me, that’s quite eccentric and not something people do. But, I do.


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