They can’t breathe… again

I am not a political person, and truth be told; I am sitting in my bubble, far away from any violence. Heck, most of our police officers don’t even wear guns! I am living in a country where 48% of the citizens are not Luxembourgish. I am living in a country where many people don’t even know how to speak the national language. But that is okay… It only makes us stronger. It makes us support the other; it makes us stand in when we see that people are struggling to understand each other.

I am having a hard time wrapping my head around the things happening in the US right now. Maybe it is easy for me to say because I am far away, but the time to stay silent and let it happen is over. The pictures we see in the news look like civil war and /your/ president pours his venom like oil into the burning flames. His inadequacy and his inability to be who he is supposed to be is becoming more and more apparent. He should be removed from office, but… That has been said from the start. I am afraid that he will be elected again. Too many stupid people are kissing his feet, and he is mocking every one of them.

The time to be silent is over.

The above clip was sent to me by a very dear friend. He is a black man living in Arkansas. Right now, he is afraid to go outside because even the most mundane daily tasks could put him at risk of being killed. It sounds dramatic, but it is the truth. A couple of days ago, cops shot a man just a couple of blocks from his home.(unverified information my friend gave me, but I have no reason not to believe him.)

Being in law enforcement is never an easy job, and yet, it is very easy. There is right, and there is wrong. And there is the choice to show compassion and treating every human being the same, regardless of gender, race, sexuality (…). It is a dangerous job, but if the people who are supposed to protect us from the bad guys are worse criminals than them, then something is very wrong. Very wrong.

I don’t have a heart of stone, and watching American news these days is very scary. My heart is breaking.

4 Replies to “They can’t breathe… again”

  1. I am heartsick for my country. As you have probably seen from my tweets (which most choose to stay away from), I detest our President Trump, as well as the rest of the Republican party that has enabled him and been complicit in his disgusting words and deeds. I wish I could move to Canada or some 0ther country, and I no longer respect America. If Trump is re-elected, I honestly don’t know what I will do, but it won’t be pretty….

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