song of the afternoon

Ben Howard – oats in the water

From the “The Burgh Islands Ep” (2012, Island Records)

In 2013 I discovered Ben Howard’s music with this song, when it was played on the show “The Walking Dead”. I had to look it up but it was in episode 5 of season 4, which aired in November 2013. I listened to that song up and down and left and right and all the time. I got the feels whenever I listened to it. There is something quite suffocating in the song too. One year later, in 2014, the album “I forget where we were” (Island Records) was announced. I heard the first single and I was blown away. I like that album a lot. The depth of it is just wow – at least to my ears. That’s why I was so disappointed when I saw Ben Howard live. Maybe he was on something, maybe he just had a bad day, but that gig is one of my top 5 of worst live concerts I have ever seen. Sadly, I might add.

Cathy’s top 5 of the worst live gigs:

Biffy Clyro

Ben Howard

One Republic

Anathema (2017)

Elton John

I give all these artists the benefit of a doubt, saying they had a bad day or were tired or something, because I know that they are all very talented in their own right.

Tomorrow, I am back to work…


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