Too scared to go out into this reality where nothing waits for a lonely soul like mine. If the wind could blow me away and if the rain could make me grow…, but I am too scared to allow it. I am taking what you are offering, but I am too much of a coward to give back. Am I a thief? Stealing your soul and your mind? An emotional vampire who will suck you dry until all that is left is a beautiful vessel? I care about you, but is that a lie? Which are the right moves to make? And if I am too scared to move, what am I waiting for? Should I set you free? I can’t. I can’t let go. If I had a fast car or a plane, I would be with you. Are you hard to find? I can’t find you in this dark and muddled sea. Just say “it’s okay” to ease my broken mind. I am in control, I know it well. Forget me not. Keep waiting!

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