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INXS – don’t change

From the album third album this Australian band released. “Shabooh Shabooh” (1982, Mercury).

So, this song is year older than I am. The single “Don’t Change” did not perform all that well when it was released (peaking at the 80th spot on the US charts), but it became a favourite of many people in later years.

Michael Hutchence, singer and songwriter of INXS, passed away in 1997. His talent is dearly missed.

What is you favourite INXS song?

4 thoughts on “song of the day

  1. Though I was a pretty big fan of INXS (I own their albums “Kick” and “X”), I wasn’t familiar with this song. I usually tend to favor the hits, so my favorite song of theirs is “Need You Tonight”. It was such a shame that Michael Hutchence died so young and tragically too.

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    1. From the INXS hits, I like “Never Tear us Apart” the most, but this song and the lyrics have a special place in my heart.
      I remember that I was quite shocked when I heard that Michael passed away. I had a crush on him, I admit.

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