song of the day

Mark Hole – dirty base

From the album “F-sharp” (2008, Tenwest)

Hm, what to say about Mark Hole. He is obviously terribly talented, but also a bit crazy eccentric. I have been following his Facebook account for a long while. It used to be silent, until this lockdown happened and he is very active now, posting something daily. 5 mins of Marky Madness (He is an artist! Remember that when you click the link 🙂 ) It’s funny though, entertaining. There is madness, and music, and also some more serious moments. Mark is a piece of art, an exceptional character; to be honest. And not always for the faint of heart.

I received the album “F-Sharp” from a friend who had seen Mark as a support act for Tori Amos (in 2008). She knew that I would probably like his music a lot. And I did.

I ordered more of Mark’s albums from him directly. And I received a lot more than just two CDs. I received a T-Shirt that smelled amazing, an autograph, a long handwritten letter, and a wooden chess piece. The chess piece was (according to the letter) the last he had left of an entire chess set that he had received from his ex-girlfriend who inspired songs like Torture Garden.

It’s the knight… I like it a lot…


An exceptional artist and musician, I want to share so many more songs, but if you like these three songs, you will probably go to youtube and find more songs.

I recommend:

Dirty’s what I like I am sharing a link to a live performance because the original video is a bit disturbing – it shows the eccentricity of Mark Hole quite well, though.

People Change Another live performance because it shows off his vocal skills

I hope I made you discover something new. Even if these songs are older, I think that we will hear more from this free-spirited London-based musician. Or at least, I hope so.



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