A thank you note… and some advertising


Last night, I wanted to share the Amazon link for my books on Twitter, and I saw that coincidentally, Joe had written a review. Sneakily, because he hadn’t told me about it. Joe is the man who also reads my poetry on his IG Livestreams regularly. Above is River’s review, River is a regular reader and an amazing writer and person.

I thanked Joe on IG in my stories, guess who was amongst the 10 views this morning? Yes, Seal again. I did some research about that and found out that it might be a bot. A mass viewer app as a marketing tool. They actually play with the curiosity of people and their pride too, a verified celebrity in their stories might generate income in some way. I am not sure if they always go back to the same accounts or not, but that’s that.

Reviews matter… not in the way that they push sales, but they matter for the writer. My heart is light this morning and I am motivated to write more content for you. At the same time, I want it to be good and worth your time and your while, but I am not someone who can force creativity. I am an impulsive writer without style or finesse. It all comes straight from the heart and soul, although much is fiction, some is real too. But, as the title of this blog says, fiction and reality merge in my writing. Yesterday I was confident about my writing skills, today not so much… Ups and downs.

I’ll try to find us a good song for this Wednesday…

Thank you for your patience and your support.


My books “Unquiet Minds” and “Drowning in a Sea of Voices” can be bought on Amazon as eBook and paperbacks. For signed copies, you can get in touch with me or purchase via the links on this blog, but, due to Covid-19 shipping could be delayed. Consider browsing the blog for older poetry or short stories, there are some emotive pieces to read. xx


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