50 deep questions 1/50

I was looking for new inspiration to write at least one post every day and I found this on Pinterest:

I am trying to reply to a question every day. Interesting or boring, we will see. And, as bit of an extra challenge, I didn’t take a look a the questions, maybe they are really shit and not deep at all… But as always, I will go with the flow and see where it takes me.

First question: do you prefer writing with a black or blue pen?

I am most often writing with a fountain pen that I once received as a gift. I use black ink. The person who offered said pen to me is no longer a part of my life, but I am often thinking about her these days. If I have a choice between colourful and blue ink, I always chose the colourful or black ink. I am not trying to stand out on purpose, but I have my quirks and since my penmanship is not the best, I am trying to make up for it.

I need to focus on writing in a way other people can read, when I am writing for myself, there are waves and spirals and, it is illegible for other people. I often have to write little notes and messages at work. I regularly apologise to those who need to read them to the parents or nannies.

My writing, when I know I want others to read it.

Good night, sweet people. Today was a good day—lots of pain in my shoulder, but a good day nonetheless. Apparently, my voice is magic, and my mind is too…

Edit May 2nd: I will not continue these questions. There is nothing deep about them. I should have read them better. Sorry about this. xx

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