This tweet melted me a bit tonight. “A magical mind”. ❤ To be honest, I follow this person on Twitter because they have a wicked sense of humour. We don’t interact often. And I don’t know them well, so, this tweet was unexpected, and I love it a whole lot.

In two hours, the last post of the a to z challenge will go online. It is one of two that was scheduled days ahead. All the other posts were written moments before they were shared. I doubt I did it the right way- this entire challenge, and yet, I came up with a new post every day. And that in itself is a success.

Today felt empty because I didn’t share a song of the day. I did not have to listen to my heart and pick a song that was fitting for my mood and mind, and I kind of missed it. We will see what will happen next.

People were nice today. Beautiful minds.

Thank you for that, too. xx

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