Rockhal Challenge – Day 14


It’s the last day of the Song of the Day challenge and it leaves me kind of sad. It is nice to have a routine like this. So, if you have any challenges for me that are music-related, don’t hesitate to share.

And here is my song of the day for you…

Biffy Clyro – opposites

From the album “Opposites” (2013, 14th floor, Warner Bros)

I discovered the music of these three Scots with the above songs. I saw the clip and was shocked and a bit in love too. I dove into the back catalog and learned that “Opposites” was the sixth album of the trio. I listened to it all. It took me a couple of days, but, yes, I listened to it all. And then Rockhal announced a Biffy Clyro gig at their venue. I was elated. There is something a bit magical when you immerse yourself into the work of an artist and then a bit later, they come to visit your small country. Of course, I bought the tickets. I remember that it was a December show. There was snow and it was freezing cold. I was supposed to go with my best friend, but our friendship was rather rocky back then (until it completely disintegrated a couple years later, but that is another topic…). Well, she didn’t come because of the snow and I met with my sister and her then-boyfriend in front of the venue. It was weird. I was in a bad mood and yet not. It was fun being with my sister and her boyfriend. We had seen Anathema together and Her Name is Calla in Brussels, they were good company. And it helped that he was quite the music nerd too. We had a lot to talk to.

The lights went out, the crowd went wild, and then the music started. Well, the first song was not quite the right mix. Waiting for the second, the mix got worse. By the third song, we decided that it was time to have a drink and a smoke. The band did their best, but the sound was miserable. There was no depth, too much distorted guitar, and the vocals were almost inaudible. We made our way to the outside area and stayed there for the rest of the night, smoking, drinking, having fun. And, outside the sound was not that band anymore either. For me, Biffy Clyro was the worst act I have ever seen live, and it was not even their fault. (second is Tom Odell, closely followed by Elton John). That said, I still listen to Biffy Clyro a lot. And I hope you enjoy this song too.

Thank you for your attention and your support, I like it a lot. I know that I am not writing about music in an objective manner, these are strictly my opinions. When I write reviews for another site, they are very different. Less passionate, in a way. So, this was the last post for this challenge. I am not sure yet how to go on, there are a couple posts left for the a to z writing challenge, and after that, I am not sure what happens on this blog. More challenges? More whining again? I don’t know. As always, I will go with the flow.

Have a great day,


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