How? When? Huh!?!

Yesterday, I posted a photo on Instagram stories, I don’t do that often, I don’t have many followers, and it feels stupid to me, to be honest. But I did. Today, I wanted to see who has seen my image. A total of 19 views. And of those 19, there are two international music acts. Efterklang (a Danish band. Really good, actually) and Seal. Seal?! How on earth did he stumble across my photo, and then he clicked on it and looked at it?! Why? How? Someone explain, please, because I can’t wrap my head around it. Fucking hell. (Sorry, this deserves some happy cursing). Seal! Crazy. Holy excrement!!!

Ok… I calmed down. *shaking my head* 19 views. Efterklang and Seal.

9 thoughts on “How? When? Huh!?!

  1. By no means do I want to burst your bubble because this is awesome!….but I did a quick Twitter search of “Seal Instagram story” and it looks like he lurks into a lot of people’s stories and they also have no idea why lol

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  2. Well, I’m going to believe it’s for real, in which case I say Hooray for you!

    It’s nice to be noticed by a major star or notable person or band. Though they rarely if ever engage with me, I’m followed on Twitter by Foster the People, Cage the Elephant, Portugal the Man and Natasha Bedingfield. I was followed for several months by Gavin Rossdale, but he eventually unfollowed me. I was also followed by the late Eddie Money, as well as Eric Carmen, who I unfollowed because of his frequent tweets in strong support of Trump, which I could not abide.

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    1. I think they follow people with similar interests (music, in our case) to generate new followers (and possibly income). I am followed on Twitter by many bands, but they are all not very famous to the mainstream world. There is Sivert Høyem from Madrugada or Maximilian Hecker, but while I knew the artists you mentioned, I am almost certain that the two I mentioned are widely unknown.

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