Violets are blue… (a to z)

I was waiting for you. My eyes were bathed in darkness; there was no light within. I tried to see, but I was blind. But then you came.

I love every inch of you, you said. I tried to open my eyes and see, but they only fluttered. Only you can fill the holes in my mind and in my soul, you whispered against my naked breasts. Without you, I felt abject loneliness; you breathed against my opened thighs. My entire body was longing for your touch. I wanted to feel you inside of me. I wanted you to fill my voids. I needed you.

With featherlight touches, you mapped out my body; every touch was like an electric jolt. Your fingers were playing me like an instrument. Sweet torture. And while you pinned me in place with your body, you ordered: look at me! And my eyes opened, just to drown in your soul. Moving. Hard flesh. Sticky and sweaty. Heady smell. You and me.

Take my hand! Our hands intertwined; your lips on mine. Our bodies were one. Moving to the rhythm of our own song. You grunted, and I moaned. You groaned, and I cursed. Look at me, you said between kisses. Your tongue dancing with mine, your hands grabbing mine. You in me. Deep. Filling my mind and my body. A fire was burning in me. Excitement was trickling out of me. Too much friction. Too much. More! Bodies twitching and trembling, never getting out of tune. A dance of lust. And the wave caught us, letting us float and ride it out – waves of ecstasy. Holding on to each other. I love you! I love you. How I love you, you chuckled out of breath. There was no sound in me anymore—just an affirmative moan. I was full. Full of you. Full of me. Full of life.

Your head came to rest on my chest; your hand was spread on my stomach, pinching the skin and soothing it again.

I closed my eyes. I had found what I had been looking for. Your light was illuminating my darkness, guiding my way. Tell me what to do, I demanded. Sleep for now, you ordered. Will you be there when I wake up? My voice was sated and thick with sleep. I couldn’t hear your answer because I was falling asleep. And I was relieved to see you in my dream. We were lying in a meadow, surrounded by violets…

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