Rockhal Challenge – Day 11


A song you wish you could witness live

I am going for a song that makes me choke up every time I hear this live version. Too real, too fragile. Much better than the original that can be found on the album “A Natural Disaster” (2003, music for nations). I wish I could have been there when Anathema performed this version of the song in 2015.

anathema – electricity (live)

But electricity, it drew you near to me
What you needed was to be rid of me
And the fear, it made you so unsure of me
What you needed was to be rid of me

Daniel Cavanagh

I guess I chose this somber song because a wave of emotions and grief struck me this morning. As I am polishing a story to put up on my Wattpad account, I was reminded of Jamie. I met Jamie on Wattpad because he commented on the original story I am working on – the main character is called Jamie, too; it made him curious and very dedicated to my story. We became friends who talked about everything and anything that was in 2013. Jamie passed away in 2015, and I miss him. It is less these days, but walking down memory lane just made him miss him more. I took a look at old accounts of people who used to be friends, we read each other’s stories and just had lots of fun. I wanted to see if some of them were still around, but most accounts were vacated after 2015 or in early 2016. And we simply lost touch with each other. My original account was deleted then too, I was not inspired to write anymore, and I haven’t written a completely new story since then. On one of these vacated accounts, almost sitting at the top, there was a comment written by Jamie in June 2015; a month later, he lost his battle with cancer. I wish he was still here… A solitary tear left my eye, and I closed the site, not wanting to think about it. Or as Scarlett O’Hara liked to say: I’ll think about that tomorrow. Tomorrow is another day. Just life is not that easy, and I can’t not think. I wanted to distract myself with the song of the day and stumbled across this one.

2015 was a challenging year for me. The lowest lows followed the highest highs. There was grief and confusion and joy, and anger. Between July and October, so much happened that shaped me forever. I wish I could go back to April 2015. Everything was better back then. I was better back then.



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