Rockhal Challenge – Day 7


A song that’s covered by another artist

Seems I am moving too fast, yesterday’s song was a cover too.

First the original, then the cover:

Nina Simone – be my husband


Jeff Buckley’s version:


I first heard Nina Simone when I was in highschool (Lycée, we called it). My best friend listened to her a lot and I appreciated some songs too. Years later, we lost sight of each other, I was listening to an Etta James playlist on YouTube and Nina came on. I was delighted and transported back into a time when I was fifteen.

Jeff Buckley caught my attention after the songwriter of Our Ceasing Voice (an Austrian post-rock band) shared a playlist of songs that inspired him. There were a couple of new artists for me, Her Name is Calla and Jeff Buckley are those that stayed with me after all these years. (This must have been around 2013). For a while, Jeff Buckley’s music played when I wrote my stories and novels. For some scenes, this soundtrack set a sensual backdrop and they were easily written that way.

And because I like you and think you deserve something brilliant on this Monday, I will add another cover. I am sure you know the original of this song:

Manic Street Preachers – Umbrella

I like this version a lot. I am not a huge Rhianna fan, her voice is not my cup of tea and the genre of music receives less attention from me anyway. I am trying to stay openminded though (and I like to believe that I am.)

Have a great week.



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