Rockhal Challenge – Day 6

A song from the 90s. I was going through my playlists, and there are so many songs to choose from… And this is my pick:

Faith No More – Easy

From the Album “Angel Dust” (1992, Slash Records)

I was 9 when this song was released, and it was the first time I ever saw an eyebrow piercing, I was impressed. I did not even notice the drag queens. Back then, I had no idea that “Easy” was a cover from the Commodores. And I also had no idea that this was not Faith No More’s usual style. Now I know that Mike Patton is one of the best singers out there… Just listen to some of his songs, the jazzy ones, the opera ones, the rap, the metal… That man has some serious vocal skills. I am rambling – I had a drink, or three.

Your song from the 90s? There is Mc Hammer and Sinead O’Connor. Aqua and Take That. Metallica and U2, Brittney Spears and Nirvana. Micheal Jackson and Madonna. Anathema and TLC… So much to choose from.

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