Rockhal Challenge – Day 3

A song that reminds you of summer.

That one is tricky. Do I pick a song with a summer-y vibe, or do I choose a song with deep personal meaning? It is actually a no-brainer. I always go for the personal songs. So, here is the song that reminds me of summer:

Hyphen Hyphen – just need your love

The song can be found on an album called “Times” (2015, Parlophone)

It reminds me of summer because I first heard it last year in the south of France. The best part of this song, for me, is the chorus. It is very repetitive and many people don’t like that. Well, I do. This French band was founded in Nice in 2011. Now I should go into a discourse of how great they are and all that, but I only know this song, I wouldn’t give an opinion on music I haven’t heard.

I hope you are well… Read you soon.

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