Hero (a to z)





Acting and reacting

Finding solutions

Being brave



Leaving comfort zones

Staying silent

Speaking up


Being kind

Being gentle



Filled with hope

Holding each other

Showing empathy



Be strong

Allowing weaknesses





Don’t show off


Heroes don’t wear capes. Everyday heroes are often not seen- invisible in plain sight. They are taken for granted.

Every one of us is a hero in their own right.

For some, being a hero in these times means watching Netflix on their couch. For others, it means saving lives at the hospital. Others are cashiers or working in stores that guarantee that we have food in our fridge and cupboards. We have the cleaners, the nurses, the doctors, the first responders, firefighters, police officers, social workers. Drivers (bus, taxi, train, tram…) Postmen and those delivering whatever had to be shipped to our home.

Heroes are owners of restaurants and hotels who are offering food and beds to homeless people. Bosses who insist on work being done in home office. Politicians taking risks and showing that they care for their countries, people taking responsibilities, and reacting to the ever-changing situations.

But, Heros are also parents being with their kids and explaining this unique situation. Being cheerful and keeping the kids’ safety and health in focus. The biggest heroes are the kids. They are suffering and taking everything for granted that the adults decide for them. They don’t know why, but they know that something is happening—something no one understands. And so, they keep their sorrow away from their parents.

No, heroes don’t wear capes.

Batman, Superman, Spiderman… Where are they? They are in quarantine too, staying home to flatten the curve.

Be a hero too. Once in a while, all it takes is a smile and a kind word, or staying at home for a bit longer.

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