Goodbye ( a to z)









Gloria took a sip of her lukewarm tea. Her eyes were glued on the TV screen. She was addicted to the news. Gloria was one of the many people socially distancing herself from her life. And after two weeks, she realised that everything she thought she needed to be happy was just junk piling up and clogging her living space. When had she turned into a shallow consumer? She snorted. Perhaps, it was around that time; her last boyfriend had left her for a younger, more beautiful woman. One with a tight stomach and firm tits that weren’t the victim of old age and not enough exercise.
Gloria sat back and put the mug of tea on the small table in front of her. She didn’t need a coaster, and there was no one there reprimanding her for this lack of caution. The young woman sighed. She was in her early forties, single and she had no children. She would probably grow older in this apartment. Her life was over. She had lived what there was to live. She heard the sound of commotion outside. Curiosity drove her to her window. On the other side of the road, a young man was singing. People were watching him from their windows and balconies. It was an escape from the dull moments in confinement, and the impromptu concert was over too soon.
Gloria watched her neighbors getting back to whatever they had been doing before the singer had caught their attention. She caught the young man’s eye from across the street. She smiled. He smiled. She sighed. He left. Disappointed that the only connection she had felt in weeks was not reciprocated, she pulled wilted flowers from the flower boxes on her balcony. When she looked up, the singer was back, holding a sign. “I m Gary.” He waved, and she waved back. On a whim, she began showing him her telephone number with her fingers. She hoped he would understand. After a couple of tries, he got it, and soon after that, her phone vibrated on the table in the living room. The TV was still on, telling stories about the misery and hopelessness the pandemic left everyone in. Gloria was lucky; her job was safe, and now she was texting with a man named Gary while watching him writing her messages from his window. Life would never be the same, but somehow, Gloria was learning that every negative situation had some positives too. She was healthy, her life was not threatened, and she had just met a new man. She sighed, trying to be her most charming self.

Gloria poured herself a shot of whiskey and said goodbye to yesterday and welcomed her future. Cheers.

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